Web development projects. They take a lot of time. They take a lot of money. And more times than not, the resulting website just sits there until it’s time for the next redevelopment effort. Sitting there. Not doing anything. Not generating results. Not growing your organization.

Stop doing that! Your website should generate results. Your website should drive leads. Your website should grow your organization. Of course, this can only happen when you shift your mindset from “project” to “program!”

You will learn how to:

  • Build, drive and optimize a web program that delivers results.
  • Put the right team members to work in the most efficient ways.
  • Involve c-level execs to ensure alignment along the way.
  • Move fast and meet deadlines —and still get an awesome product.
  • Plan a website that delivers ROI.

Change your thinking when it comes to website development, and start generating measurable results.