Align Your Brand Internally and Create Amazing External Results

Brands are not just the next big thing coming down from a company’s higher ups, a combination of some esoteric mission/vision statement and the latest, greatest computer-generated graphics money can buy. A successful brand comes from inside a company and permeates the organizational fabric in all directions.

Enter The Actionable Brand, your key to creating internal brand alignment for amazing external results. In this book, you will learn the five critical components of an aligned brand:

  • WHO you’re brand is for and WHY you’re for them.
  • Your brand’s MENTAL MODEL, which completes the sentence, “We are in the business of . . .”
  • Your VISION for your desired marketplace position.
  • The BEHAVIORS and BELIEFS that form the foundation of your brand.
  • Your KEY MESSAGES for the marketplace - external-facing messages that everyone should be able to articulate.

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